Corvette C3 of the Week

1968 C3 Corvette

Linas writes:

I thought I would share some pictures of my '68 327/300 4speed - starting from when I bought it from a guy on the Corvette Forum right up till yesterday, when I had an awesome ride.  One small detail - I live in Lithuania (Europe), so it was not like buying a car from within the neighbourhood.

The picture above shows how it looked when I first saw it on Corvette Forum.



1968 C3 Corvette

I did not think about it too long and I purchased it within a week since I saw it for the first time.  Here it is being loaded for the longest ride of its life a half a world away.

1968 C3 Corvette

The previous owner is keeping things under control as the car is being loaded onto the hauler.  It was then taken from Texas to NY and loaded on a container.

After three months of waiting, it finally arrives ay my place!

Here it is. The monkeys from the shipping company crashed the front bumper, broke off one of the side exhaust mufflers (that's ok, I did not like them anyway) and messed up with the ignition.  I could not start the car even with a new battery.

Anyhow, I fixed things up, sorted out the documentation, registered the car, got the insurance, and took my '68 for a ride after a few weeks.

As winter set in, the repaint and general restoration started as well.

Done with repaint an reassembly has been started.  It was painted code-correct Silverstone Silver, exactly the same color it had when it left the factory.

I just took it from the shop and can't wait to drive it!  Wipers and turn signal lights still don't work, same with back-up lights and the radio...but who cares!

And this is a picture from yesterday's ride.  There are still some minor things to fix and some new chrome goodies to buy.  Instead of the ugly looking side exhaust, I put an under car chambered exhaust system and now I have deep throaty rumble with smooth looks on the sides, not distorted by side pipes (sorry side exhaust guys, no offence).

Binnie writes:

A great story about a great car.  If our friends across the ocean keep buying up these cars, we may be going there to shop.  Enjoy the ride Linas, we enjoyed the story!