Corvette C3 of the Week

Alan writes:

Car has a 454 HO (roller cam & rockers), TKO-600, VBP suspension, Ron Francis wiring harness, 140amp alt, hot rod air, custom gauges & seats.  It Dyno'd at 400 lbs torque at the rear wheels & that was fun.  On the 5th run it went from 50 mph to 130mph in 3 seconds in 4th.  I only took it to 5K, but they said 6K would be fine.  The HP was still climbing @ 5k & I figure it would have hit around 400 @ 6k.  The torque was 350 @ 1.5K & went to 400 @ 2k and stayed flat  to 5K when it started to drop a little.

Binnie writes:

I am very fortunate to personally know Alan and his wife Veda.  They are two of the nicest people that I have ever met.  Alan loves power as you can see from the car bio above.  Alan is also a Mopar fan.  One of the other traits that Alan and Veda possess is one of generosity.  Alan and his family are the original founders and organizers of the C3-Corvettes, Inc. (501c) Corvette car show held in Wilmington, DE each July.  The show benefits the Dupont Hospital for Children and Ronald McDonald House. is a very proud sponsor of this show.  Hats off to Alan, Veda and their family.