Corvette C3 of the Week

Jon writes:

Ok, well...I did a lot of searching for another vette while I couldn't work and was recuperating after a head-on collision I had in my code #56 Bright Yellow '77 Vette.  That was my 1st Corvette which I only had for a year and a half before it was totalled.  I could have been more realistic and bought a car maybe more practical, but having a Corvette that short of time wasn't enough.  Turns out, after searching everywhere for, online and in person, I was in the local pharmacy getting my meds I needed after the car wreck and the cute pharmacist girl that knew I was looking said her dad had lots of classic cars and wanted to let one of his corvettes go.  He lived less than two miles from me and in the same town.  I bought the '79 L82 Corvette for $9000.00.   As you know Binnie, I have probably put about that much into it.  Most notable of the add-ons are the complete VB&P composite suspension, the Bowtie Overdrives TH200-R4 Level 2 auto tranny, an Edelbrock Performer Air-Gap manifold and Edelbrock Performer carb, Dynomax ceramic headers/dual exhaust, and red/black leather interior.   Although it is a bit tight at 6'3" tall, it is still fun to drive when I can and when the weather cooperates!