Corvette C3R - A C3 Retro


We all can agree on one thing....retro cars are in.  Ford was first off the line with the retro Mustang, Chrysler brought out the Challenger and now GM is launching the Camaro.  Is it time for a retro Corvette?  You decide.

The Corvette C3R Stingray is a design by Christian Cyrulewski.  The vehicle is based on the current C6 platform, and features the same drive train and chassis components.

The appearance of the C3R Stingray is inspired by the early C3 series, however enough thought has gone into the C3R's design to ensure the styling is not too heavily influenced by the original design to take away from the character of both cars.

The sleek body work of the Corvette C3R features stylized miniature chrome bumpers both front and rear which are a nod to the original C3's design.  The rear window with buttresses either side, taillight panel, flip-up headlights, and redesigned lateral air intakes are all styling elements which have been integrated into the C3R's design.

The first Corvette C3R Stingray is scheduled to appear at the 2009 Woodward Cruise in Detroit, Michigan.  If the vehicle is a success and generates enough interest then a kit to transform a standard C6 'Vette into a C3R Stingray will be made available.