Corvette C3 of the Week

1980 C3 Corvette

Fernando writes:

Honestly,  it has been almost five years that I have been trying to bring this 1980 back to life.  People would tell me that it is a waste of time and money, but it is for the love to the car that I did it.  During this time, I picked up some information here, some information there, piece it together and that is how restorations come to be.  Although I do not have lots of cash for a showroom restoration job, I did the best I could and brought it back to be a road worthy car (when I got, it it was barely drivable).

Back in 2005 I wanted a Corvette C3 so badly.  I made arrangements over the phone to travel from Saskatoon (where I live) to Canmore, AB to pick it up.  I phoned the owner and told him I had the bank draft in my hand, the day off from work and that I would pick it up two days later.  I called the night before to confirm with him the time and place, and he gave me the news that he had already sold it even though we had a verbal agreement.

The next day, instead of taking it off knowing the car was sold, I went to work as usual, and a friend of mine came over to my office to ask about the car.  I told him it had been sold and he left for lunch.  He comes back from lunch and tells me there is a C3 at the business next door, and I thought he was just messing with me... when he said he was serious, I ran next door and saw it,  that was a sign I thought.

That afternoon I called the number on the car, made an appointment that evening and took the car for a ride and an inspection.  The car seemed abused but tranny and engine seemed OK.  I bought the car, and the next couple years I found more and more things wrong with it as I was trying to make some progress replacing the obvious.  Finally, this year I got it painted and it is waiting for an AC transplant to be complete.  There were times there was so much wrong that I thought of giving up, but it was not until this year when everything started to come together that I could really enjoy driving it.  Those rides really motivated me to keep going and today I feel so proud to take it out at the first excuse.

Right now I am at the stage where I would like to know more about the car....since I completely tuned out the previous owner when he wanted to tell me about it, I just wanted to take it for a ride!!!!!

Oh!!! by the way, the car was manufactured one month after I was born, so when I got it, I looked way better than the car... but nowadays... I am losing some hair, gaining a gut, and the car just keeps getting better... and I do not expect that to change anytime soon!

Binnie writes:

Like many of us, Fernando is a testament to our hobby.  He has an extreme passion for these cars and has invested many pleasurable hours and I quote Fernando "bringing this 1980 back to life".  Please give yourself a well deserved 'pat on the back' from all us C3 enthusiasts.


1980 C3 Corvette

1980 C3 Corvette

1980 C3 Corvette