Corvette C3 of the Week

1969 C3 Corvette

J Kovar writes:

My 1969 Stingray built October '69.  The car was purchased new by Ronald Smith, a 20 year old from Oklahoma.  Ronald was an ASA Radio Operator in Vietnam on Hueys who was shot down and KIA November 1969.  Ronald's brother kept the car for him until selling it in 1982, then with only 23K original miles on it.  The car was raced at local gymkana events and then restored to original configuration. The car was sold again in 2007 to a man in Texas who regretted selling his after high school.  I purchased the car a year and half ago.  To date a second resto on leather gun metal interior and mechanicals begun with upgraded 410 hp roller cam, VB&P C4/C5 suspension, Steeroids rack and pinion, period correct American Racing S-200 mags.  The car makes a nice addition to my '0dd year' Vettes, C1 and C5.  The car still has 29k original miles.

Binnie writes:

Thanks very much for sharing the history of this beautiful '69 with us.