Corvette C3 of the Week

1982 C3 Corvette

Gary writes:

Here is my white '82 Corvette.  This car is all original.  A friend of ours received this as a gift from her son.  He bought it for her new at Christmas.  The dealer delivered it to her driveway with a big red bow on the hood.  She was in her 50s then.  In her 70s,  her husband had a stoke and she decided to trade it in on a wheelchair accessible van.  The dealer only wanted to give her $xx,000.  I told her I would buy it.  We are good friends and since it was sentimental, she agreed to sell it to me.  She knew that I have a passion for old cars.  I have a 1974 GTO which  I bought new.  With only 56,000 original miles, it is still a beauty.  With her knowing that, it reassured her sure that the Corvette was going to be in good hands.  The Vette had 12.000 orginal miles when I got it and now it has only 13,000.  I really wish it could make Corvette of the week.  I would print it out and give it to her.  This car was bought for my wife to take to car shows, while I take the GTO.  I know this is a Corvette site but I will send a picture of both cars.  Because without the one, I probably wouldn't have obtained the other.  The car is the 350 Crossfire, white exterior with red interior.

Binnie writes:

Thanks very much Gary for sharing your Corvette story.  We all appreciate it.  A very sharp looking GTO as well!



1982 C3 Corvette

1974 Pontiac GTO