Corvette C3 of the Week

Arch writes:

I wish I could give you a big long history about the car.......the thing is, I just bought it last December from a guy who had it sitting under a carport for the last 10 years.  It had a car cover on it but it still wasn't good to just let it sit there and not drive it.  He bought it in '95 from his neighbor who bought it from the original owner.  He drove it for 2 years and then parked it. (That's all I got from him). So, I offered him $5,000 for it and he actually accepted it.  I even drove it home after about 45 minutes of draining the old gas and changing the spark plugs.  Unfortunately, after about two weeks of driving it, the motor starting knocking.  Since it was the middle of winter, I decided to take that time and build a nice little small block 406 for it. (Around 425 HP)  The stock transmission wasn't in the best of shape either so I had a TH350 built for it and used a 3000 stall converter.  The stock rear end gears were changed out for 3.55's to give it better low end torque. When I wasn't working on the engine and tranny, I was busy bringing the paint back to life.  Also, the interior was in pretty good shape, it just needed a lot of leather conditioner and carpet shampooing.  I replaced the center console panels and leather shift boot, as well as installing a new brushed aluminum steering wheel.  I also bought a brand new set of 15 x 8.5" Centerline "Convo Pro" wheels, and Cooper "Cobra" tires. (295/50/15 Rear - 265/50/15 Front). I still have plans to lower the car some, but all in good time.  I'm going to include a before picture of the car and engine, which is sometimes nice to see where it actually came from. (In 6 months).


1981 Corvette