Corvette C3 of the Week

Brian writes:

I am the 4th owner of this '73 .  I bought the car in Oct 1993 from a friend that had it for 8 years.  He bought it off a guy that had taken the car to a body shop in 1985 for an accident repair.  While at the body shop, the owner had the Elkhart Green stripped and painted Mille Miglia Red.  The first thing I did was to redo the interior.  I put in carpet and leather seat covers.  Later I repaired the AC.  From then on, I decided that for the spring project I would go through the car until there was nothing to fix anymore.  Ok, that didn't work out so good.  I have rebuilt the suspension, engine and added the OD trans.  I have taken the body off and fixed the rocker channels and body mounts.  I added stainless steel fuel and brake lines.  I put a new TRW rear spring in and replaced the front bumper with a Tureflex fiberglass bumper last summer.  This spring I will be replacing the tires.  It is very important to me that the car will be capable of going anywhere at anytime.  I make the 1200 mile round trip to Bowling Green, KY every year for the Labor Day Celebration of the NCM.  In a few years, I will have to repaint the car again, but for now, it is a good 10 footer.

Binnie writes:

The last of the chrome bumper Vettes, 1973 was the transition year, chrome rear and rubber front.  Brian has owned this fine example for almost 15 years and drives it regularly.