Corvette C3 of the Week

1970 C3 Corvette

Brian writes:

I just bought the car, got it a week ago.  I purchased it from a guy in California who bought it from the original owner in Michigan.  I saw pictures and it was in a terrible condition.  My seller restored it and pretty much brought it back from the dead.  It is essentially 'all original', no performance mods of any kind, the original base 300 hp engine, Corvette Bronze exterior and tan vinyl interior, 4 speed Muncie.  It has a little over 83k miles on it.  I had it shipped to me in Miami (when the truck arrived at my house, it was a big deal, my kids went crazy).


1970 C3 Corvette

Binnie writes:

I think we know when Corvette fever hit Brian after looking at the next picture.  This is Brian standing beside his dad's '68.  Enjoy your bronze beauty Brian!

1968 C3 Corvette