Corvette C3 Owner Showcase

Tom says:

I just acquired this '75 in July of 2007.  It came out of a barn 1 1/2 miles from my house!  Ironically this is the set of plates I was handed off the top of the stack, when I registered my 75.  They're morbid but I had to take em!  Plate reads 'DYE 7444'.

Update (Nov 24/08):

A year and a half later and I've managed to do almost all the upgrades I pictured doing over 5 years including: complete power steering, brake, exhaust, fascias, paint and many interior improvements.  I'm a carburetor and a new set of tires away from my 5 year goal!  I did all the work myself and that is what made this progress possible.  Can't wait for good weather.  Some new pictures have been added below.